[Tex/LaTex] Popup bubble in beamer presentation


I'm working on beamer slides for an introduction presentation. As the purpose is more of a fun, my colleagues had the idea of letting some logos (e.g. TeX lion) popup for a second or two and then disappear automatically.

I know that, I could do this with overlay effects and click two times to let the popup bubble appear and disappear. But I think it would be better, if the bubble would disappear after a second or two automatically without any user interaction.

Is there any possibility to achieve something like this?

Best Answer

You need to view the resulting PDF in full screen mode of Adobe Reader. See Beamer Guide ยง14.3 Slide Transitions for more information.

    \frametitle{There Is No Largest Prime Number}
    \framesubtitle{The proof uses \textit{reductio ad absurdum}.}
        There is no largest prime number.
        \item Suppose $p$ were the largest prime number.
        \item Let $q$ be the product of the first $p$ numbers.
        \item Then $q+1$ is not divisible by any of them.
        \item But $q + 1$ is greater than $1$, thus divisible by some prime
            number not in the first $p$ numbers. \qedhere
    \uncover<2>{\tikz[remember picture,overlay]{
        \node[inner sep=10pt,cloud callout,shading=ball,]at(8,4)[white]{
            Powered by \LaTeX};}}%

The following screenshot shows that the PDF contains 3 pages/slides but all numbered "1". In full screen mode, The following happens in sequence:

  • the 1st slide is shown for 2 seconds. (since I said \transduration<1>{2})
  • and then the 1st slide is fading out while the 2nd slide is fading in. (since I said \transfade<2>).
  • the 2nd slide is shown for 2 seconds. (since I said \transduration<2>{2})
  • the 2nd slide is fading out while the 3rd slide is fading in. (since I said \transfade<3>).
  • the 3rd slide is shown forever. (I said nothing)

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