[Tex/LaTex] plot the integral of sin(x^2) in pgfplots


i want to plot the integral of y=sin(x^2) in pgfplots but dont know what to put inside
the ''{ }''. This is because its a prety hard function to integrate. Can someone help me!

Best Answer

run with latex->dvips->ps2pdf:


\psaxes[ticksize=0 4pt, subticks=5](0,0)(-4.4,-2.5)(4,2.5)
\psCumIntegral[plotpoints=10000,Simpson=10,linecolor=blue]{0}{4}{ dup mul RadtoDeg sin }
\psCumIntegral[plotpoints=10000,Simpson=10,linecolor=blue]{0}{-4}{ dup mul RadtoDeg sin }


enter image description here

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