[Tex/LaTex] Please use \mathaccent for accents in math mode


I'm getting that error for the line:

$S = (s_0,S), ahol s_0 = x_1 := <>,...,x_n := <> és S = \{x_0, x_1 := lorem(x_0), hiext(x_1,f_0(x_0.lov)), ha \ x_0 \not\equiv <> \\ ,...,$ \\ 

I'm very new to LaTeX, and don't quite understand what this means. Could you help?

Best Answer

You have to use \acute{e} instead of é in math mode, but I think it depends on your inputenc.

I don't have that error and your code works fine (even if is a too long line in math mode with no breaks).

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