[Tex/LaTex] Placing equation numbers on the right


I am new to TeX and am using scribtex to write a maths paper. When I put the followng code, the equation number is automatically displayed on the left, instead of in the right as is usually done. What is the problem and how do I fix it?

Let us consider a spherical symmetric metric in curvature coordinates:
ds^2=-e^\lambda dr^2-r^2(d\theta^2+\sin^2\theta d\phi^2)+e^\nu dt^2

The output I get is


Best Answer

Add the reqno document class option to your current file:


enter image description here

This will override the default left equation numbering scheme of the amsart document class. The following, taken from the AMS document class documentation provides some background (p 7):

Equation numbering on the left or right

The option leqno - equation numbers on the left - is the default in AMS styles. Therefore we provide also a reqno option.