[Tex/LaTex] pgfplots: how to make the axis thick


I can't make the axis thick and with an arrow.
This is my code:enter image description here

\begin{axis}[axis line style = thick, domain=0:1, samples=50, axis lines*=middle, xtick={0,1},ytick=\empty,yticklabels={}]
\addplot[color = black]  {2/pi*asin(sqrt(x))};

Best Answer

The arrow head disappears because your are using the option axis lines*=middle. Instead of this, you could do axis lines=middle,enlargelimits=true as in my example below.

The lines are already thick in your example. If the comments below your code do not help, you will have to show us a compilable MWE of your situation.

% arara: pdflatex


    ,axis line style = thick
    ,axis lines=middle
    \addplot[color = black] {2/pi*asin(sqrt(x))}; 

enter image description here

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