[Tex/LaTex] PDF not updating in TeXstudio


I'm having some problems with TeXstudio on Windows 7. I am running the newest version (2.11.2) and I just installed TeX Live. I am running a dual screen setup and I want the code on one screen and the PDF on the other screen. I've set both the "Default Viewer" and the "PDF Viewever" to "Internal PDF Viewer (Windowed)".

When I change something in a .tex file and run the command "Build & View" the PDF does not change. If I close the PDF window and run "Build & View" it does not update the changes either. It seems like the problem is that when I compile and view, the .tex file is not saved. If I save the .tex file manually by pressing the disk and then press "Build & View" it seems to work.

How do I make it do this automatically?

Best Answer

I followed doncherry's advice here and downgraded to 2.10.8 and now it works.

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