[Tex/LaTex] PDF Analyser or repair tool


I got one PDF that is resultant file after conversion and merging of 17 documents(few documents were already converted to PDF) however resultant file has been converted and merged using activePDF.

Now for resultant PDF file I am getting two errors when I open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader x I also tried Adobe Acrobat Prof latest to analyse but nothing helped, can someone guide me in right direction please

"An error exists on this page. Acrobat may not display the page
correctly. Please contact the person who created the PDF document to
correct the problem."


"Cannot extract the embedded font "HiddenHorzOCR". Some characters may
not display or print correctly."

Both errors are coming up for same document.

Main Problem

Converted/Merged PDF got invisible text for a specific PDF document, when I open open on its own, everything works fine.

I guess If I embedded that font into resultant document might solve problem.

Best Answer

Using pdftk or PDFjam you can concatenate PDF documents. I guess once the document is broken, fixing it becomes really hard. You can use pdftk to decompress it, so you can edit it as text, but this is a lot of hard-to-understand text, so I'd advise in not breaking the file in the first place.

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