[Tex/LaTex] paragraph style – how to force line break? \paragraph{} \\ – make paragraph a header


I want to format paragraph to work as a regular title

\paragraph{title} text goes here

output of that is:

title text goes here

how can I change the output to force line break and use the usal indentation of 1st line?


text goes here


this is for a thesis and I'm using the document class – book.
I don't want to use \subsubsection because this is the structure of the document.
I just simply need one level of headers deeper.

And that is why I wanted to use \paragraph as a heading not as paragraph.

clarification: I'd like paragraph to behave like a header like section subsection subsubsection etc

Best Answer

You didn't say anything about your document class. So, here comes an example for article that uses the titlesec package.


\titlespacing*{\paragraph}{0pt}{3.25ex plus 1ex minus .2ex}{0.5em}


You can easily adjust the space before and after the heading according to your needs. The package manual has the details. The package also masters page styles so that it might not be necessary to load fancyhdr.

Note that the blindtext package is only used for creating dummy text thus not part of the solution.

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