[Tex/LaTex] \overline outside of math mode


If I want to draw an overline over some text, not an equation, how can I do it? \overline seems to only work in math mode, and when used outside of math mode, it automatically says "Missing $ inserted".

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We use the normal \overline of math mode, exploiting the fact that a \hbox in math mode typesets its argument in the font which was current at the time the math formula starts (also keeping spaces).

The strange \m@th is a precaution against possible setting of the parameter \mathsurround, a space added before and after in-line math formulas; it's usually zero, but a class might change it. When math mode is used for things like this, it's best to be on the safe side: \m@th sets the parameter to zero, but since a math formula forms a group, the setting is local and won't change the global one.