[Tex/LaTex] Overleaf.com keyboard shortcuts


Does anyone know any useful Overleaf shortcuts? I have been using Overleaf for about a month and so far it has been great to be able to work on documents on any computer.

I have stumbled across a few keyboard shortcuts

  • Ctrl + / Comment a block of text
  • Ctrl + , Finds page from source code
  • Ctrl + . Refresh preview
  • Ctrl + Z Undo
  • Ctrl + B Bold
  • Ctrl + I Italics

Perhaps the last three shouldn't surprise me but useful to know it's there. I haven't seen a page on the website that lists the available shortcuts so I'm wondering if anyone has come across any others?

Best Answer

Yes -- a list is now available here: https://www.overleaf.com/read/qykqfvmxdnjf

It'll be updated if more shortcuts are added.

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