[Tex/LaTex] Order references alphabetically with “elsarticle-num-names.bst”


How Can I order my references alphabetically using the bibliographystyle "elsarticle-num-names.bst"?

Here is a MWE, copied from the elsarticle template folder itself:



\journal{Journal of \LaTeX\ Templates}



Here are two sample references: \cite{Feynman1963118,Dirac1953888}.



  title   = "The lorentz transformation and absolute time",
  journal = "Physica ",
  volume  = "19",
  number  = "1-–12",
  pages   = "888--896",
  year    = "1953",
  doi     = "10.1016/S0031-8914(53)80099-6",
  author  = "P.A.M. Dirac"

  title   = "The theory of a general quantum system interacting with a linear dissipative system",
  journal = "Annals of Physics ",
  volume  = "24",
  pages   = "118--173",
  year    = "1963",
  doi     = "10.1016/0003-4916(63)90068-X",
  author  = "R.P Feynman and F.L {Vernon Jr.}"

Best Answer

This style already uses the sorting function. You can edit sort function bib.sort.order in your .bst file. It is very good described on Bibtex .bst file modification to include alphabetical ordering. I hope it will help you.

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