[Tex/LaTex] Obfuscating TeX


Given TeX's system of catcodes, I imagine that one can obfuscate TeX to a remarkable degree. With a view to learning more about the internals of TeX, I ask: How might I go about adding a block of obfuscated code to my document? Let's say I want to add a watermark to my document that I don't want my co-author to be able to edit. How might I do that?

What tricks can I use to make a certain piece of code harder to understand?

Best Answer

Try out xii.tex. It's a plainTeX file, you can find it on CTAN.

And Enrico “egreg” Gregorio produced a similar code, even shorter. See in What is the most bizarre thing you have seen done with TeX, where it is called xcix.tex.

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