[Tex/LaTex] ny way to typeset the Beamer presentations on the iPad


I'm considering buying one of the available LaTeX apps for my iPad. Among other things, one of the main things I'm interested in is tweaking my beamer presentations (particularly handy when on the go).

Does anyone if there's an app that can compile beamer locally, i.e. without connecting to some server as is the case for some? I'm not always guaranteed an Internet connection when traveling/commuting.

Best Answer

Texpad developers here.

We added support for Beamer and Tikz in v1.5.0 and now the majority of beamer presentations and tikz diagrams typeset with Texpad on iOS. @AndrewStacey is correct that Texpad's internal TeX will occasionally run out of memory when typesetting large presentations, but we are working on this, and we expect it to be fixed in one of the early 1.5.x updates.