[Tex/LaTex] numbering several latex figures


How is it possible to include figure labeling in latex? By labeling I mean that if I import several figures:

    \includegraphics[height = 0.2\textwidth,width=0.8\textwidth]{Figure1.pdf}
    \includegraphics[height = 0.2\textwidth,width=0.8\textwidth]{Figure2.pdf}
    \includegraphics[height = 0.2\textwidth,width=0.8\textwidth]{Figure3.pdf}
    \includegraphics[height = 0.2\textwidth,width=0.8\textwidth]{Figure4.pdf}
    \includegraphics[height = 0.2\textwidth,width=0.8\textwidth]{Figure5.pdf}

How can I number these figures, such as the first figure as (a) the second as (b) and so on… I would like these to show in the top left corner outside each graphic which I can then refer to in the caption.

Best Answer

You need the subfig or the subcaption package for that. Here is an example using the subfig package:


\subfloat[caption of the subfigure]{\includegraphics[height = 0.2\textwidth,width=0.8\textwidth]{Figure1.pdf}\label{fig:subfig-a}}\\
\subfloat[caption of the subfigure]{\includegraphics[height = 0.2\textwidth,width=0.8\textwidth]{Figure2.pdf}}\\
\subfloat[caption of the subfigure]{\includegraphics[height = 0.2\textwidth,width=0.8\textwidth]{Figure3.pdf}}\\
\subfloat[caption of the subfigure]{\includegraphics[height = 0.2\textwidth,width=0.8\textwidth]{Figure4.pdf}}...
\caption{caption of the whole figure}\label{fig:whole}
The whole figure is~\label{fig:whole} and the first subfigure is~\label{fig:subfig-a}.

See subcaption vs. subfig: Best package for referencing a subfigure for differences between the two packages

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