[Tex/LaTex] Numbering paragraphs in latex


I would like to number paragraphs for a covering report I am writing. Paragraphs should increment and not reset with new sections. The text should not be bold. Here is what I have tried

  {\z@}{0.25ex \@plus 1ex \@minus .2ex}{-1em}%

This has been hacked from various questions on this site.

  \paragraph{Testing 1}
  \paragraph{Testing 2}

gives me 1 Testing 1 2 Testing 2

desired format is

1 Testing 1
2 Testing 2

Where am I going wrong?

Also what is fontfamily{phv}. Is this different from my default font?

Best Answer

\paragraph is like \section the argument should be the title not the whole paragraph, and it should only be used after a higher level sectioning unit (\subsubsection)



Then you can use

\mypara blah blah blah
\mypara foo bar baz
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