[Tex/LaTex] Notation for Capital $X$ not to be confused


So I am writing my thesis manuscript, and I should use the same notation all over the manuscript. In my first two chapters I used $X$ (capital x in math mode) as a notation for random variables (as well as $X_i$ for different random variables).

Now in my third chapter I should define an orthonormal system (X,Y,Z). I am searching for a notation, so that it is not confused between $X$ of the random variable and X of the system.

I tried different math mode notations: \mathbb{X}, \mathbf{X}, \mathcal{X}, \mathfrak{x}, \mathit{X}, $X$, \mathrm{X}, \mathsf{X}, \mathtt{X}. However the letters seems quit same, so it can be easily confused.

The one that appears much distiguishable is $\mathbb{X}$ however for Z it appears as $\mathbb{Z}$ which is usually used as the notation of the integer numbers.

Any suggestions?

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$X$ versus $\mathscr{X}$

enter image description here

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