[Tex/LaTex] Not enough space in table for fractions


The table that I'd like to make does not display fractions with enough space between lines. What's the reasoning for this? (Not enough rep to be able to post a picture yet unfortunately.)


\textbf{Care type} & $\mathbb{P}(Pat \cap H)$ & $\mathbb{P}(Pat \cap H')$ & $\mathbb{P}(Pat' \cap H)$ & $\mathbb{P}(Pat' \cap H')$\\
Direct care  &$\displaystyle \dfrac{58}{197}$  &  $\displaystyle \dfrac{48}{197}$  & $\displaystyle \dfrac{21}{197}$* &$1-\displaystyle \dfrac{58}{197}$ \\
Housekeeping &$\displaystyle \dfrac{12}{17}$  &  $\displaystyle \dfrac{2}{17}$  & $\displaystyle \dfrac{5}{17}$* &$1-\displaystyle \dfrac{12}{17}$\\
\caption{Probabilities of hand hygiene given direct patient contact}

Edit: Image added and MWE completed.

Table with too narrow rows

Best Answer

Manually the spacing can be fixed by several methods:

  • \renewcommand*{\arraystretch}{2} (see Herbert's comment)
    However, this also affects the spacing of the other lines.

  • Adding a vertical space in the optional argument of \\, e.g.:

  • Adding an invisible rule in the line, e.g.:

      \rule{0pt}{3.5ex}Direct care ...\\
      \rule[-2.5ex]{0pt}{7ex}Housekeeping ...\\
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