[Tex/LaTex] nomencl package : sort by order of appearance


In the nomencl package, how can I make the symbols print by order of appearance in the LaTeX code?

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As far as I know, nomencl does not support this out of the bag. Here's a hacky way to do it instead.

Basically it is a redefinition of the \nomenclature[]{}{} command, to ignore the sorting argument (i.e. the optional argument in \nomenclature) and to use a counter-based sorting method instead. Whenever \nomenclature is called, the counter @nomcount raises by one. We then take advantage of makeindex's sorting algorithm which treats numbers as per normal (8<34<111), and so the entries will be printed in order of use.

I have included a toggle for you to switch this sorting behaviour 'on' and 'off'. With


If <bool> is set to true, then we activate sort by use (which is your desired effect). If <bool> is set to false then we return to normal usage of nomencl (using the optional argument of \nomenclature and what not).



\settoggle{nomsort}{true} % true = sort by use, false = sort as usual

        \newcounter{@nomcount} \setcounter{@nomcount}{0}%
        \renewcommand\the@nomcount{\two@digits{\value{@nomcount}}}% Ensure 10>01
        \def\@@@nomenclature[#1]#2#3{% Taken from package documentation
          {\string\nomenclatureentry{\the@nomcount\nom@verb\@tempa @[{\nom@verb\@tempa}]%

    \nomenclature{$j$}{Appears first} 
    \nomenclature{$i$}{Appears second}
    \nomenclature{$h$}{Appears third}
    \nomenclature{$g$}{Appears fourth}
    \nomenclature{$f$}{Appears fifth}
    \nomenclature{$e$}{Appears sixth}
    \nomenclature{$d$}{Appears seventh}
    \nomenclature{$c$}{Appears eighth}
    \nomenclature{$b$}{Appears ninth}
    \nomenclature{$a$}{Appears tenth~(last)}

    Note that $d$ appears first because it is declared first.

    Note also the 10th entry is sorted after the 9th.

To be honest, though, it's probably easier and more consistent to do it with the glossaries package, as @NicolaTalbot mentioned in the comments.

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