[Tex/LaTex] No command like \large \Large \Huge and so on work in the LaTeX document


I was trying to enlarge a bit some equations, and I tried EVERYTHING.

\large \Large \begin{large} \mathlarger..

None of those commands work. I don't know what to try.
Does anyone have some idea?

If this help, here is my LaTeX "starting code":

\documentclass[danish, a4paper, 12pt]{report}
\usepackage[paperheight=28cm, paperwidth=20cm, margin=2cm]{geometry}
\definecolor{ballblue}{rgb}{0.13, 0.67, 0.8}
\definecolor{apple}{rgb}{0.55, 0.71, 0.0}
\definecolor{awesome}{rgb}{1.0, 0.13, 0.32}
\definecolor{azure}{rgb}{0.0, 0.5, 1.0}


cui e chiesto un tempo $t^*$ per il quale il peso e il doppio, ossia
Si agisce come prima, solo che in questo caso l'incognita è il tempo,
e si scrive
$$2P_0 = \scalebox{2}{e^{\frac{\ln(1.4)}{30}\ t^*}}$$


As you can see, I also tried with


and nothing happens…

After having tried with "scale box" and after having failed again… here is a screenshot of the log.

enter image description here

Best Answer

You definitely not want to scale parts of the equation, but rather use the proper way of setting it.

By the way, why asking for Danish when the document appears to be in Italian?




\chapter{Some examples}

\section{Bad example}

Ecco una formula composta male. Si agisce come prima, solo
che ora l'incognita è il tempo, e si scrive
2P_0=\scalebox{2}{$e^{\frac{\ln(1.4)}{30}\ t^*}$}
Ecco la stessa formula composta correttamente. Si agisce come
prima, solo che ora l'incognita è il tempo, e si scrive


Note that $$ should never be used in LaTeX. Using \large or \Large instead of \scalebox would not solve the main issue, even if they worked in math mode, which they don't.

enter image description here

If you insist on the exponential notation, you can type


to get

enter image description here

Two story fractions in exponents should be avoided as long as possible.

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