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I am using Texmaker and am trying to define a new command that takes some mandatory arguments. But I want it in this way: when user just typed the first few letters of the new command, it will be auto completed with all the {}'s that have big dots in it that prompt the user to enter the argument, and the user just need to hit Tab to jump to the next {} to fill in the argument. i.e. just like the \frac{}{} command.
Below is what I have, but it does not have the nice feature of autocomplete and jumping to the next argument on Tab:

\NewDocumentCommand{\clause}{mmm}{\ensuremath{(#1 \vee #2 \vee #3 )}} 

Best Answer

Once you have defined your command as usual in your .tex file, click

User > Customize Completion

then type


then click Add.

Texmaker will convert the @ into a dot.

enter image description here

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