[Tex/LaTex] Need help making a calender template in LaTeX


Here is a picture I mad in Scribus how the calender (hopefully) should look like. The red coloured days are sundays. In the left corner the month should be shown. It would be nice if you could help me make it as a template. My greatest problem is using the "\usetikzlibrary{calendar}". If someone could help my use it? I would like to create a done template where I just have to type in year and insert images for all twelve month. So that tikz (thanks to the calendar package) would make all dates (with sundays in red) and all month automatically inserted so it looks like on this picture (the white space is where the image should be placed):


I tried myself but I just (with help) created the black bar and the white line. The green area is where the image should be (don't know how to do it in tikz).

\usepackage[landscape, left=0cm,right=0cm,top=0cm,bottom=0cm]{geometry}

\begin{tikzpicture}[remember picture, overlay] 
\fill[black] (current page.south west) rectangle ($(current page.south east) + (0,5cm)$);
\fill[green] (current page.north west) rectangle ($(current page.south east) + (0,5cm)$);
\fill[white] ($(current page.south west) + (30pt, 3cm)$) rectangle ($(current page.south east) + (-30pt, 3.07cm)$);
\node[white] at  ($(current page.south west) + (30pt, 30pt)$) {{\fontsize{30}{25} \scshape \bfseries January}};
%the node doesn't work ... January is not placed correctly. It should be placed at 30pt, 30pt but it is "hiding".

So what missing is all the dates and months placed like on the image. And to place the images. As said before would it be nice to create a easy to use template where you just have to type in the year (thanks to tikz calendar package) and manually insert all twelve images. Is that possible? Anyone who can help here?

Kind regards!

PS! I really need some help 🙂 … and it would be nice if you could help creating this template because I think it is one of the most common calendar designs where I come from.

Best Answer

This might not be the simplest way of doing things and the positioning of the days on the second row probably needs tidying up, but hopefully shows how to proceed to get the required output.

\begin{tikzpicture}[background rectangle/.style={fill=black!95}, show background rectangle]
dates=2015-01-01 to 2015-06-last,
every day/.style={anchor=base west, font=\sffamily},
execute before day scope={
  \ifdate{day of month=1}{%
    % On the first of the month move down...
    % ...do the month label...
    % ...and draw the line.
    \draw [line cap=round,white, thick] (0,-.75em) -- (18*2em,-.75em);
execute at begin day scope={
  % Grr. \pgfcalendarcurrentday is zero prefixed
  % so the math parser will think it is octal.
  % Now shift into position for the current day.
every month/.style={anchor=text, yshift=-3em, text=white, font=\rmfamily}
] if (Sunday) [text=red] else [text=white] ;

enter image description here