[Tex/LaTex] Multiple lines one side of equation with a Curly Bracket


I am trying to write an equation that looks like this, everything should be left aligned on the right hand side.

enter image description here

I am using the following code to write this equation.

  D_{it} = \Bigg\{if \ bank \ i \ issues \ ABS \ at \ time \ t \\
  2 \ if \ bank \ i \ issue \ CBs \ at \ time \ t \\ 
  \ 0 \ otherwise

I am putting \\ for a new line but it does not work. Please guide how I can write the desired equation.

Best Answer

Use the cases environment, like this.

  D_{it} =
      1 & \text{if bank $i$ issues ABs at time $t$}\\
      2 & \text{if bank $i$ issues CBs at time $t$}\\
      0 & \text{otherwise}

enter image description here

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