[Tex/LaTex] moderncv with less than 10pt font size


I want to make a moderncv resume with font size less than 10pt. I am trying out different font sizes to see which one is best. I saw this question and one comment said that \documentclass[8pt]{extarticle} worked. How do I combine that line with moderncv? documentclass[8pt]{extarticle}{moderncv} or documentclass[8pt]{moderncv,extarticle} don't work. Is it possible to achieve this at all?

I even tried adding \usepackage[fontsize=9pt]{scrextend} but that throws up errors as well.

Best Answer

Constructing an answer from the comments:

  • Using the extsizes package:

  • Using the scrextend package:

  • Using the anyfontsize package:


Also, use a scalable modern font which scales well to lower font sizes (eg: lmodern, kpfonts). However, in general, it is not recommended to not use such small font sizes in the interest of readability.