[Tex/LaTex] moderncv – How to put the date column on the right rather than on the left

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The career advisor at my university suggests putting the title of the position on the left, and dates on the right side of the resume.
I'm wondering how to I do that in moderncv themes?

Edit: My apologies for not closing this question. I totally forgot it.
The comment by xavier is the answer i was looking for but I'll accept the post as the correct answer for the credit.

Best Answer

You can right-align dates by doing something like this:

Store Clerk \hfill 2008-2012

It might be wiser to create your own commands for positions and dates, such that you can format them differently later without having to retype anything.

Here is an example of what I mean:


You could then write \position{Store Clerk}followed by \hfillfollowed by \rdate{Aug 2008-Sep 2012}

Why would you consider putting the dates or other information into custom environments? You might realize later that some of your lines are too long. Perhaps the left-aligned information overlaps the date. This would be no problem, because you could just make the text smaller, for example \newcommand{\details}[1]{\par\noindent\hspace*{30pt}\ignorespaces{\tiny #1}

Two Youtube Videos might help you (although they use the article class)