[Tex/LaTex] Missing $ inserted – referring to bibliography


I'm getting

! Missing $ inserted.<inserted text>$ ...y[prenote=myprenote,title={Bibliography}]

The respective line is


Is there something off in that line or must the fault lie with the bibliography itself?

The bib contains underscores in URLs, which according to some search results here may cause problems. But does that also count for bibliographies?

Best Answer

Ok, it was rather simple. The title of a publication contained the $ sign. Found this when trying to create a mwe. Escaping it like this helped:

Title = {Gartner Says Worldwide Enterprise IT Spending to Reach \$2.7 Trillion in 2012},

It's somewhat embarassing that I didn't try figuring it out like that myself. Thanks for the kick in the butt and maybe this question will at least help someone else later.

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