[Tex/LaTex] Missing dll’s for Texmaker/Miktex – The code execution cannot proceed


I have Texmaker and MiKTeX installed. I downloaded all available MiKTeX packages. When building the doc in Texmaker, I get:

The code execution cannot proceed because MikTeX200629-png.dll / MikTeX200629-web2c.dll / MikTeX200629-poppler.dll / MikTeX200629-kpathsea.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem.

I have reinstalled both MiKTeX and Texmaker twice already, and I have re-downloaded the packages. I have also tried every solution I could find relating to the problem, all to no avail.

Best Answer

The executables like pdflatex.exe are small wrappers. If they complain about missing/wrong dll's (e.g. after an update) it can help to recreate them with

 initexmf --admin --force --mklinks
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