[Tex/LaTex] “Misplaced alignment tab character &” error when citing a particular entry


I've been getting the error: 'Misplaced alignment tab character & …' even in sentences where the &-character is not used. It says it in sentences where I am citing.


In the offshore industry this is different as no central organization is present like
the ICAO \citep{ChristouK2012}.
Some organizations try to fulfil such a central role at national level, trying to
provide information to other organizations in that country, such as the Oil and Gas UK.
They collect accident data, however mostly qualitatively, and provide this to other
companies in order for them to benchmark their accident reports to the numbers of Oil
and Gas UK \citep{OilGas}\footnote{Chapter 8 of the Oil and Gas UK report includes the
aim 'to make the UK the safest place to work in the worldwide oil and gas industry'.
Furthermore, it has been pointed out that the offshore sector in the UK is already much
safer and risk aware than the US. Interesting to see is that there is no intention at
this point to organize in such a way that the offshore industry would benefit globally,
but nationally. Despite the fact that contractors, subcontractors and personnel are
from every region of the globe.}. As no information with regard to the circumstances of
the accidents were provided, no lessons learned could be incorporated in policies of
other companies.\\


LaTeX says the following error: Misplaced alignment tab character & ...e number of Oil and Gas UK\citep{OilGas}

I have two more of these errors but they are the same as this one.

author = "{{O}il and {G}as {UK}}",
title = "{H}ealth and {S}afety {R}eport 2012",
institution = "{O}il and {G}as {UK}",
year = "2012"

This is the bibentry.

Best Answer

I can reproduce the problem only if the bib entry has

author = "{{O}il & {G}as {UK}}",

which should be Oil \& Gas UK, if you want the ampersand to be printed. Look for other unescaped & in your bib file.

By the way, the problem of lowercasing material with BibTeX only affects titles, so the entry should be typed in as

author = "{Oil \& Gas UK}",
title = "{H}ealth and {S}afety {R}eport 2012",
institution = "Oil and Gas UK",
year = "2012"

No need for complicated maneuvers other than in the title. On the other hand, I firmly believe that the title should be

title = "Health and Safety Report 2012",

and that it's a business for the bibliography style to decide whether to keep the original capitalization.

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