[Tex/LaTex] MikTeX 2.9, install packages on the fly


I set the Install Packages on the Fly setting to Yes and try to compile my document in Texmaker, but I still get the error File [...] not found, where [...] is the package I need. Basically, I need to manually install every package I use.

For example, I want to use the footmisc package. I put \usepackage[bottom]{footmisc}, and I get the error ! LaTeX Error: File 'footmisc.sty' not found.

Is this a known bug, or am I misunderstanding this feature?

Best Answer

You should first ensure that the internet is ON. Then Go to

Start>all programs>MikTeX 2.9>Maintainance (Admin)>Package Manager (Admin).

This window will popup

enter image description here

Click Repository to get

enter image description here

Hope now the things will be clear.

Similarly the

 Start>all programs>MikTeX 2.9>Maintainance (Admin)>update (Admin). 

should get you

enter image description here

Where you can select the source. Once it is done, the next time you can choose the second option i.e., Last used package repository if you have made the specific settings for a particular repository.