[Tex/LaTex] Matrix Inverse symbol


Is there a symbol for the inverse? I have been using X^{-1} for my matrix inversions, but this results in the -1 being rather large and taking up almost as much room as another symbol. Is there a built in symbol or trick I should be using?

Best Answer

If you just want to reduce the size of the -1 term, you could create your own macro called, say, \inv{...}, along the lines of the code below. The screenshot shows the look of both \inv{X} and X^{-1}. (The vertical offset of 1.15ex is chosen so that the tops of the 1 symbols are at very nearly the same height using either \inv{...} or X^{-1}. Feel free to adjust the offset to suit your preferences.)

enter image description here

$X \inv{X} X^{-1}$