[Tex/LaTex] Marker color in legend


Since I updated to TexLive2012 yesterday, I can't get ant colored markers in my legend. Where as first I could put the following in the \addlegendentry options, it now won't work. [{draw=blue,fill=blue!30!white}]
Now it will make a box around my text with the color described. Do I create the legend in a wrong way or is something else going wrong?

This is the code I'm using:



[title=\textit{ D - $VMG_{up}$}, xlabel=\textit{$VMG_{up}$ [kn]}, ylabel=\textit{D [m]}, legend style={cells={anchor=west},legend pos=outer north east},minor tick num=1]

\addplot[scatter,only marks, mark=*,mark size=1.5,scatter/use mapped color=
(1.9,   5.4)
(2.1,   5.75)
(2.5,   6.14)
(1.95,  5.6)
(2,     5.28)
(2.1,   5.4)
(1.9,   4.89)
(2.19,  4.94)
(2.36,  5.3)




I've only put in a few coordinates. Normally I'm importing them from a .dat file.

Also I am not an experienced user, so it may be just a silly question.

Best Answer

I found the commit which caused the regression. However, I have the vague impression that the current behavior is the one which matches the documentation (which claims that options after \addlegendentry[...] apply to the TEXT, not to the image). In other words: it might have been a bug that it affected the image at all...

I will think about it.

In the meantime, I think that you would benefit from the following course of action:

  1. do not use scatter plots if all your plot marks look the same. The scatter plot is a special "Scatter plot", namely one in which each mark has its individual look (like a color). The only marks style is completely sufficient for your needs.

  2. use mark options={draw=blue,fill=blue!30!white} instead of scatter/use mapped color. The mark options are applied anyway, and they will be communicated to legend automatically.