[Tex/LaTex] Make numbers in table bold w/o changing width

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I want to highlight some numbers in a table using \bf{}. However, the bold numbers also get wider but I want them to neatly line up with the rest. How can I avoid this?

Best Answer

You can use "non extended bold face":



Class & Value \\
A & 10 \\
B & 12 \\
C & \bftab 13 \\
D & 11 \\

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Note. From your question I gather that you're using \bf{13} or something like that. It's wrong for two reasons:

  1. \bf is an obsolete command;
  2. it is not a command with argument.

Use \textbf{13} or {\bfseries 13} (the former is preferred for single snippets of boldface text, the latter is for longer passages or in the definition of environments).