[Tex/LaTex] LyX enlarging inserted images


I have a problem with inserting images in my thesis that I write with LyX. Images in exported pdf are always larger than they actually are.

Here is what it looks like in the editor, that's the real size of the image:

enter image description here

However in the pdf the image is larger and you can see the pixelation: (It isn't zoomed in the pdf reader, it's 100% size).

enter image description here

I've tried checking the checkbox and setting 100% size in the image's properties but that didn't help.

What do I need to do to have images in my thesis appear exactly the same size as they actually are?

Best Answer

Click on the image with the Right Mouse > Settings..

  • Graphics tab > Set the image size in the PDF.


  • LaTeX and LyX options tab > Set the image size in the screen.



  • Usually is better set a small scale for the screen as 10%, so you can still focus in the surrounding text and recognize the image. If you have intuitive file names for the images, even better: use the Draft Mode.
  • Usually the safer option here is set the width of the image to a percentage of the line with of text as show the screenshot. With "safer" I mean that other options, said Scale Graphics(%): 30% or Set With: 30 Text Widht % could work for your page layout, but if you later change the layout (for example from one to two columns of text) most probably you will need to set the image size again.