[Tex/LaTex] Longer Cap of \sqrt


I am using ShareLaTeX for assignment.

I want to input an equation like:


and got output like this:

square root with short cap

But I really want the square root with longer cap (or roof? I am not sure how to call it, and therefore I am not able to search the solution) like this:

square root with long cap that cover the content in sqrt

Wondering how I can fix that.

Best Answer

The \sqrt command takes as a mandatory argument what's to be extracted the square root of.

So the correct syntax is


not \sqrt(a+b). Your problem is solved by using


If you need the cube root (or other roots), there's the optional argument:


In a previous version of your question you had \sqrtsign: this macro actually exists for historical reasons, but is not documented and should not be used in documents.

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