[Tex/LaTex] list of publications, grouped and ordered


In my thesis (based on the classicthesis package) I'd like to create a page with a list of my own publications. I want to be able to group them under different headings ("Conference Publications", "Journal Publications" etc.), and give them a specific order.

I've tried the multibib package, but I don't just want a second bibliography. I need the possibility to group and order entries by hand.

I'm using BibTeX and natbib for bibliography management. For consistency, I'd like to rely on BibTeX entries for creating the list of publications, but there might be a simpler solution without BibTeX.

Best Answer

This solved my problem and saved me time otherwise spent on studying bibtex, biber, biblatex, bibtex8 and natbib.

\chapter*{Publications} % Publications page text

\section*{In This Thesis}

Some of the research leading to this thesis has appeared previously in the following publications.

\subsection*{Journal Articles}

\item Author A, Author B, Author C:
\textbf{Paper Title}.
-- \textit{A Journal}, August 2015, Paris, France

\subsection*{Conference Papers}

\item Author A, Author B, Author C:
\textbf{Another Title}.
-- \textit{A Conference}, August 2015, Paris, France