[Tex/LaTex] Less-than OR Less-than-equal with one symbol


I want to write a less-than-equal sign with a brace around the equal sign. Something like this, but in "nice" (at the moment, it doesn't really look as expected):

a \overset{<}{(-)} b

That should mean something like "a is less-than-equal (less-than) b".

Is there a symbol for this or is it possible to create such a symbol?

Edit: To give an example where this is useful is something like this definition (to keep things short):

  • If a is larger than (or equal to) b, we write: a >(=) b.

This is shorter than writing out both possiblies explicitly:

  • If a is larger than b, we write: a > b.
  • If a is larger than or equal to b, we write: a >= b.

Best Answer

It's not really difficult to do it:




If $a$ is larger than (or equal to) $b$, we write $a\geqp b$.


enter image description here

However you are assigning a symbol to the obscure concept of

being larger than (or equal to)

rather than explaining the usage of two symbols.

Don't do it: I'm ready to bet that your readers will not understand what you mean. Saving a few words at the expense of clarity is not worth the pain. Consider that you will be using the symbol just once.

If a is larger than b, we write a > b. We write ab to mean that a > b or a = b.

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