[Tex/LaTex] Left and right subscript / superscript


I am trying to put two subscripts at the left and right of a character. For example, something like: _{t} p_{x} where p is in the middle. How do you do this?

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There are many tools for scripts:

  • For general math scripts before something, use \prescript provided by mathtools package, for better alignment:

    $ \prescript{14}{2}{\mathbf{C}} $

  • For large operators, use \sideset from amsmath:

    $ \sideset{_a^b}{'}\sum A_n $

  • For chemical equations, use mhchem package:


  • For tensors, use tensor package:

    $ M\indices{^a_b^{cd}_e} $
    $ \tensor[^a_b^c_d]{M}{^a_b^c_d} $

Please complete this list as you can.

The visual result: enter image description here

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