[Tex/LaTex] LaTeX with Sublime Text 2


I recently (2 days back) started using LaTeX, I use Sublime Text 2 (ST2) for most of the programming. I found that ST2 has LaTeX package. So what I am doing is write the document with ST2 and run it with TeXWorks to see any errors/debugging. Is there a way I can run/debug the tex file directly from ST2? Is there any better practice than what I am doing currently?

Best Answer

It's not easy to work with ST2 the first time . You need to install some tools.

Firstly, you can read this readme Readme LaTeXTools then you can download the archive .zip here LaTeXTools.

The readme explains how to install the package. You get something like TextMate after that (Personally I prefer TextMate on OS X) but this editor is really fine tool.

idea from kgr

A good thing, it's to add the package control, with this package you can LaTeXTools directly and very important this will keep it up to date. It's the better way. You need to read carefully the explanations to install the package control.