[Tex/LaTex] LaTeX Table Positioning


This is similar, but not the same, as a previous question.

I want to do the following things:

  • Number tables and figures separately
  • Put tables exactly where I want them

To do the first one, I just use 'figure' and 'table' environments in the appropriate place. But the table environment doesn't seem work when I use \begin{table}{H}, which stops me being able to do the second thing. Any suggestions?

Correction: I should have said \begin{table}[H]

Best Answer

As Werner noted in a comment, you should have square brackets ([]) rather than curly braces ({}) around the placement specifier. Also, as doncherry noted in another comment,H isn't a standard placement specifier.

Try \begin{table}[hp] instead, or if that doesn't work, try \begin{table}[!hp] (note the exclamation mark).

If you still do not achieve exactly what you want, then \usepackage{float} and try \begin{table}[H] as Werner suggested.