[Tex/LaTex] LaTeX multi-character subscript


I am including a formula in a LaTeX document that includes subscript that consists of more than one character: N sub t0 and N sub tmax

I managed to get LaTeX to do this using this syntax:

  \vec{V} = \vec{N_t_0} * M \cdots \vec{N_t_m_a_x} * M

This syntax throws multiple Double subscript errors.

Although it produced the intended results despite these errors, eventually these errors cause weird behaviors in the document, such as the bibliography dropping references, etc. What is the correct syntax to produce the result I need without throwing errors?

Best Answer

If you wish to have multiple entries in a single subscript (or superscript), you need to group them using {...}. Below is an update to your equation, with appropriate use of \vec and other elements:

enter image description here



  \vec{V} = \vec{N}_{t_0} \times M \cdots \vec{N}_{t_{\mathrm{max}}} \times M

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