[Tex/LaTex] Latex find and replace


I want to avoid all reference quoting in my work. That is replace all [num] with null string. Deleting thousands of that manually is painstaking. Could a code be written for it.?
NB: i copy pasted the text and [num] came along with it. I want to remove those.
Texmaker is the editor I’m using.

Its looks like this


I just copied and pasted here and[2] came along with it. 
I want to remove that. I have created my work and it was in 
the end that it occurred to me there were unintended citations[3].

There’s a lot of \chapters, \sections and \subsections and to manually remove it by reading every para is tedious. So i was wondering if there’d be a code to help me solve this issue.

Best Answer

With texmaker you can use regular expression search/replace feature. Initiate the replace via CNTL+R or select Edit/Replace from the pull down menu

enter image description here

Click the + button on the right and select Regular Expression.

enter image description here

In the Find dialog box enter \[[0-9]*\] and select Replace All.

enter image description here

This should delete all occurrences of text such as [8], [75], etc.