[Tex/LaTex] LaTeX Error: Unknown float option `,’


I am working with texshop on Mac and because of an upgrade to El Capitan,
I had to reinstall tex live. Now I have a problem with older files where
figures are inserted. I get the message

LaTeX Error: Unknown float option `,'.

I do not even know what this is, let alone how to fix it. The figure does
appear, but is there something else in another place in the file that
went wrong? I am typesetting a whole book and this problems appears with
some, but not all of the figures.

Best Answer

You have something like


which was always an error but in older latex releases silently ignored

Now it generates an error that , is not known, and should be deleted.

the worst case was if you had


as previously this would not generate an error but it prevents the float being placed anywhere until it is flushed out at the end of the document or by \clearpage

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