[Tex/LaTex] ! LaTeX Error: File `res.cls’ not found. Why


I am new to Latex and would like to create a resume. I found a resume template on this link and downloaded res9a.tex on my computer. When I open this file on Texmaker and click on Quick Build, I get the following error:! LaTeX Error: File `res.cls' not found.

So I went back to the link and clicked on res.cls, which opened the following webpage. What should I do after this in order to successfully run the resume code on Texmaker?

For convenience sake, the resume code given in res9a.tex is as follows:

% LaTeX resume using res.cls
%\usepackage{helvetica} % uses helvetica postscript font (download      helvetica.sty)
%\usepackage{newcent}   % uses new century schoolbook postscript font 
\setlength{\textwidth}{5.1in} % set width of text portion


 % Center the name over the entire width of resume:
 \moveleft.5\hoffset\centerline{\large\bf Susan R. Bumpershoot}
 % Draw a horizontal line the whole width of resume:
  \moveleft\hoffset\vbox{\hrule width\resumewidth height 1pt}\smallskip
 % address begins here
 % Again, the address lines must be centered over entire width of resume:
  \moveleft.5\hoffset\centerline{1985 Storm Lane}
  \moveleft.5\hoffset\centerline{Troy, NY 12180}
  \moveleft.5\hoffset\centerline{(518) 273-0014 or (518) 272-6666}


 \section{OBJECTIVE}  A position in the field of computers with special 
            interests in business applications programming, 
            information processing, and management systems. 

 \section{EDUCATION} {\sl Bachelor of Science,} Interdisciplinary Science \\
                  % \sl will be bold italic in New Century Schoolbook (or
              % any postscript font) and just slanted in
          % Computer Modern (default) font
            Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY, 
            expected December 1990 \\
            Concentration: Computer Science \\
            Minor: Management 

\section{COMPUTER \\ SKILLS} {\sl Languages \& Software:} COBOL, IFPS, Focus, 
     Megacalc, Pascal, Modula2, C, APL, SNOBOL, 
            FORTRAN, LISP, SPIRES, BASIC, VSPC Autotab, 
            IBM 370 Assembler, Lotus 1-2-3. \\
            {\sl Operating Systems:} MTS, TSO, Unix. 

 \section{EXPERIENCE} {\sl Business Applications Programmer} \hfill Fall 1990 \\
            Allied-Signal Bendix Friction Materials Division, 
            Financial Planning Department, Latham, NY 
             \begin{itemize}  \itemsep -2pt %reduce space between items
             \item Developed four ``user friendly" forecasting 
                systems each of which produces 18 to 139 
                individual reports. 
            \item   Developed or improved almost all IFPS 
                programs used for financial reports. 

            {\sl Research Programmer} \hfill            Summer 1990 \\
            Psychology Department, Rensselaer Polytechnic 
             \begin{itemize}  \itemsep -2pt %reduce space between items
             \item Performed computer aided statistical analysis 
                of data. 
            {\sl Assistant Manager} \hfill        Summers 1988-89 \\
            Thunder Restaurant, Canton, CT
               \item Recognized need for, developed, and wrote 
                employee training manual. Performed various 
                duties including cooking, employee training, 
                ordering, and inventory control. 

  \section{COMMUNITY \\ SERVICE}  Organized and directed the 1988 and 1989 Grand 
             Marshall Week \newline ``Basketball Marathon.'' A 24 hour 
            charity event to benefit the Troy Boys Club. Over 
            250 people participated each year. 

  \section{EXTRA-CURRICULAR \\ ACTIVITIES}             
        Elected {\it House Manager}, Rho Phi Sorority \\
        Elected {\it Sports Chairman} \\
        Attended Krannet Leadership Conference \\
            Headed delegation to Rho Phi Congress \\
            Junior varsity basketball team \\
            Participant, seven intramural athletic teams 


Best Answer

Go to this website and to download this file named res.cls. Put it with the .tex file together. Then it will work.

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