[Tex/LaTex] LaTeX Error: File `foo.ent’ not found


I'm trying to compile the Latex template from there. The template use the endnote packages.

When I compile the document I get this error from lualatex:

! LaTeX Error: File `main.ent' not found.

Where "main" is my latex filename. From what I've seen, the .ent file is a file linked to the endnote package, that I have installed.

Any suggestion?

I'm using MiKTeX on Windows 10.

Best Answer

The .ent file seems to be created only if you actually have an endnote (that is, at least one); otherwise you get the error you describe, occurring at the point that the .ent file is to be read in with all the endnotes in it.

Best would be if the package either generated an empty file, when there are no endnotes, or checked for the file before trying to read it.

A workaround is to stick in a dummy "just in case" endnote, thus making sure there's at least one.