[Tex/LaTex] ! LaTeX Error: Command \textcurrency unavailable in encoding T1




\title{Der Name Ihrer Arbeit}
\author{Ivan Arov}


by road, are as short as possible."\cite{UIRR}

 this problem ~\cite{intermodal}:

 \cite{container repositioning}. This significantly decreases the level of efficiency of railways. This problem can be  solved 

 deployed on other services, would stand idle.  \cite{production systems}



I am sorry for asking the same question, but I am using latex for 2-3 days now… I also have problems with citing – some of the sources are not included in the output file. I`ll be grateful if somene helps.

Best Answer

One reason why this error message occurs might be the wrong encoding.

Make sure that your files are encoded as UTF-8. If you're using a Linux system, you can execute file whatever.tex to get something like

whatever.tex: LaTeX document, UTF-8 Unicode text

Then make sure you use \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} and not \usepackage[latin1]{inputenc} or similar. (This was just what fixed the error message for me.)