[Tex/LaTex] latex editor with nice full screen no distraction appearance


Some markdown-based text editors have really nice and clean full screen appearance, e.g. Ulysses, Typora, etc. I mean, the full screen mode has adequate margins, no distraction, like a typewriter experience.

But some of my writings are better done with LaTeX, and I usually use Texstudio and Texshop. But it seems that LaTeX editors do not have nice and clean full screen mode as those markdown editors. The full screen mode of LaTeX editors is usually just an enlarged window with normal format.

This makes me think if there is a LaTeX editor that has nice and clean typewriter looking when I full screen it. Suggestions?

Here is the full screen on Ulysses:

enter image description here

And this is the full screen on Typora:

enter image description here

But TexShop is like this:

enter image description here

I am thinking if there is a LaTeX editor that has the editing environment like the first two.

Best Answer

While TeXstudio does not provide an explicit distraction-free mode, it's configurability allows to hide almost all GUI elements. See here for details:

enter image description here