[Tex/LaTex] Latex editor/compiler for Windows and Powerpoint


I am using Windows in my daily work. Would you like to recommend on Latex editor/compiler for Windows. Sometimes, I need to add a lot of math formula for the PPT files, what are the best way to use Latex along with Powerpoint? Thanks.

Best Answer

Welcome to TeX.SX! As @TeXnician suggested, you can use beamer to create presentations. If you prefer to use Microsoft Powerpoint (or something similar) as you main environment, then I highly suggest codecogs. It allows you to insert LaTeX formulas and export them as PDF, GIF, PNG, and even SVG format. SVG is the best that suits you in my opinion because you can scale the image in Powerpoint and it won't get pixelated. Another perk is that allows you to insert symbols with a click of a mouse :). You don't memorize the commands/symbol names, one click and it is there for you.