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I'm interested in labelling my latex equation, by giving the physical phenomenon contributing to the term. For instance x = f(y) + g(y). So a horizontal curly bracket to explain that f(y) is derived from some phenomenon, say resistance and g(y) is derived some other phenomenon, say gravity.

How can I give a name to f(y) as resistance and g(y) as gravity in the equation?
Hope I'm able to explain my intentions.

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You have \underbrace from amsmath and \underbracket from mathtools (which loads amsmath). I added some horizontal adjustment with the \clap command (from mathtools), since the labelled terms are short:




    \[ x = \underbracket[0.8pt]{f(y)}_\text{\clap{resistance~}} + \underbracket[0.8pt]{g(y)}_\text{\clap{~gravity}} \]
    \[ x = \underbrace{f(y)}_\text{\clap{resistance~}} + \underbrace{g(y)}_\text{\clap{~gravity}} \]%%


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