[Tex/LaTex] Keywords not showing up using journal template


So I am submitting a journal article to Elsevier, and using their template. However, I am unable to get keywords to work. I am replacing the dummy words with mine, but none of it is showing up. Can you suggest any solution? Its not even throwing errors, the keyword1 etc is just not showing up! Thanks.


\MSC 41A05\sep 41A10\sep 65D05\sep 65D17
\KWD Keyword1\sep Keyword2\sep Keyword3

%% MSC codes here, in the form: \MSC code \sep code
%% or \MSC[2008] code \sep code (2000 is the default)



%% main text

Best Answer

Werner gave some helpful advice in the comments:

Insert \articleinfobox just after \end{keyword} and you'll see an information box printed about your article - this includes the keywords. If this is a template from a publisher and they don't include the keywords by default, then you shouldn't worry about it (IMO).

There is a "graphical" abstract and then a "regular" abstract. The keywords (or \articleinfobox) seem to be shown between these. However, there is no mention of you actually having to print (or set) these keywords. If you define them, they will probably use them, in whichever way it seems fit.