[Tex/LaTex] Jabref won’t save files as .BST and LyX doesn’t recognize .BIB


I'm having trouble with pushing a saved bibliography from Jabref to LyX, because Jabref doesn't have an option to save as a .bst file , and LyX doesn't want to recognize any other format than .bst (he does not recognize .bib files).

What should I do?

Best Answer

As comments mention, a bibliography database should be a .bib file, so you shouldn't do anything else. A .bst file is a bibliography style file, that defines the formatting of the bibliography.

To add a bibliography database to a LyX document, after having done Insert --> List/ToC --> BibTeX Bibliography, click the Add button in the top right of window, then Browse in the new window that pops up, and locate your .bib file.

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