[Tex/LaTex] Is it still useful to load the lmodern package


A few years ago, the lmodern package was a good way to have high quality fonts by simply adding :


Nowadays, lmodern seems less popular. I'm wondering if it is because LaTeX default fonts received some improvements which make lmodern useless? Or because the package is abandoned? It hard to see if the package is still developed (a search on CTAN about lmodern does not return anything) and texdoc lmodern is not helpful…

So :

  1. Is it still useful to load the lmodern package?
  2. What are the effects/advantages of this package compared to normal (default) CM fonts?

Best Answer

There are so many fonts similar to Computer Modern (CM) now, a FAQ like the TeX FAQ might be valuable. Pending that, the answers to your two questions might be

  1. yes,
  2. Type 1 (T1) or OpenType (OTF) access to a moderate set of CM-like glyphs, without going into the extremely large cm-super set.

For what it's worth, I use the lmodern package for most of my documents. One day I'll graduate to something more exotic...